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It's a-me, a serious game dev and Career Changer! Video games can impact life; I love being part of the experience.

I am a certified unity associate game developer. I am currently working on a very exciting project "JACK" for orangutan matter (watch an early teaser). I oversaw development of the game's complex physics controller (you can watch a snippet of it here) which passed the pre-production QA and now the game is ready for production.

Originally qualified as a pharmacist, had a successful career in all things pharmacy, retrained to be a game developer! After 12 years of working as a pharmacist and a few years toying with the thought of becoming a game developer. I started learning coding at some point in 2017. I took it seriously, which meant studying during nights as I was still working full time. I learnt C# and the basics of unity engine. I developed a few protoypes and game design tools. I had a knack for all things 2D platformers. I freelanced on and off, and my coding skills and knowledge of game architecture improved massively over time. Now I'm a professional unity developer!

I am still building on top of my programming skills, and AWS cloud development.

I am also just a guy. I have a wonderful family, a supportive wife, and two amazing boys. I love hiking, table tennis, arts, and am passionate about games.

You can have a look at projects below:



jack video game beautiful acrylic painting

Working on "JACK" has been a unique experience in advancing my skill set. The game is a beautiful 2d platformer which focuses heavily on physics puzzles. Gameplay programming was very tricky to get right and achieve a predictable interactivity feedback. Besides, the game has some very unique visuals and art with philosophical elements, and that ticks all my nerd boxes!


  • Professional team software development practices, including unit testing and version control.
  • Prototyping core gameplay for rapid iteration.
  • Creative vector math and linear algebra for a physically complex controller.
  • Additive scene loading management.
  • Implement application state logic.
  • Integrate visual and audio assets.
  • Preliminary performance optimization.
  • Physics manipulation:
    • Rigidbodies scale and hierarchy optimization.
    • Reducing floating Point precision errors by limiting: forces, torques, velocities, masses, limiting distance from game's origin.
    • Creative and complex solutions for predictable rigidbody movement without altering rigidbody's inner parameters or attached transform.
    • Optimizing the controller to work in different gravity strengths, directions and also different time scales.
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snake game

Through protyping small projects, I learned how to structure my code and design games from concept through completion. Classic games like "Snake" were a perfect starting point to practice and to pay tribute.


  • Gameplay programming using loops, coroutines, arrays/lists, and static fields/methods
  • Simple scene management; loading and resetting.
  • Simple spawning logic.
  • Collision detection.
  • Audio asset integration and management.
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arcade machine

This is "Retro Cade"; a tabletop arcade; a labour of love; a childhood dream come true. It took me 10 months to make as I paid great attention to detail and used high quality authentic parts years before raspberry pi! Spending time on creating this marvel gave me a sense of the true meaning of "Carpe Diem".


  • Design the blueprint of the arcade panels using a CAD editor.
  • Build the structure using high quality heavy duty MDF wood and strong joints.
  • Use official Sanwa arcade buttons and joystics for authentic play feedback.
  • Use 5mm clear Perspex acrylic sheets for control panel, marquee and screen cover.
  • Build internals in 2011, before the release of Raspberry pi, using intel chipset.
  • Design original artwork using photoshop.
  • Optimize Hyperspin frontend and emulators.
  • Enjoy playing my entire childhood arcade and console games library!
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Tools and Scripts

I developed a few tools and scripts that resolve many prototyping and general issues. I shared a few of those on my git profile. All suggestions for improvement are appreciated.

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